Monday, March 14, 2011

Papoo's Hot Dog Show

*update: this lil joint closed! sorry folks- read on to see what you missed...

As you can see from the posting date of this entry, Cory started it many weeks (months!?) ago. Yet, all he wrote was:

Alrighty, folks - today's (and when I say "today's" I really mean "several weeks ago's") mid-day adventure takes us to the world famous Papoo's Hot Dog Show in the heart of studioville.

Cory has recently made a number of LIFE-CHANGING-DECISIONS. Including deciding he wants to not work here as of sometime in MAY. Which means he will have to drive up here to Burbank to join me for lunch if he still wants to bite Burbank with me. But as you can see by his failure to complete this blog posting- even before he put in his notice at work, it may be a bit far-fetched to think he will continue to participate. In his head, he's already miles away... but hopefully we get a few more in before he leaves! Even if I have to be the main author on them.

SO! Yes. We did indeed eat at Papoo's Hot Dog Show. Cory's choice. He mentioned it long ago- and I always told him that if he could verify it was in Burbank, I'd go. It is a place I had definitely been curious about for years- it almost seemed like you would get in there and there wouldn't be hot dogs at all- just some weird left over name or set from a long time ago... but no. There were hot dogs. And there were top dogs. That's right. Me. And Cory, I guess.

The Basics:
Hot dogs are not the only thing on the menu, but they are certainly the star of The Show. You can, however get things like an Elk Burger or Grilled Pastrami Rueben if you are looking to eat a sandwich in a booth in a place with checkerboard floors and do not want a hot dog. There are many hot dog choices- covered with things like onions or chili or sauces. The dogs themselves can be ordered boiled, grilled, or deep fried. There are fries and other sides, and a variety of fountain drinks. Even a couple beers on tap. You can saunter up to the counter and get something to go (as a few people did while we were eating) or grab a booth and wait for your waitress. If you are like me, you should totally not go here- cause nothing on the menu is really great for a sensitive stomach. But if you are REALLY like me you will go here anyhow, in an ongoing attempt to make others think you are unstoppable. Dangerous. Badass. Woman (with terrible acid reflux and tendency for nausea) vs. Food (as long as it is not beef or any other spooky specialty meats, or has too many onions or cilantro and is not too fatty). I can't believe I don't have my own show.

And now for the hot dog show...

I know I am boring sometimes. There are just certain staples that I use to gauge a place's worth. If they pass that test, I might try something else the next time. If the staple dish is too good, I may never try anything but that & eat it over and over for years. Now that I am back in the Bacon Game, the BLT or any near relative of it is one of those staples (another example is mac & cheese- you know what I mean?). That is how I decided upon choosing the ABC dog here at Papoo's. That particular dog is loaded up with Avocado, Bacon and Cheese.

A white board boasted that they now had Turkey Dogs, so I chose one of those. Those only come grilled, so that's how it came. I did not get a side, but I pulled my classic move of getting a totally unnecessary drink and ordered a chocolate/coffee shake. I do this for you, you know. People of Burbank. So that if you want to just go out for a shake sometime- since this is 1955, you know where to do it.

Now there was certainly no lack of food. Let's get that straight- this dog was big. On a big bun. With lots of crispy bacon. As promised there was avocado, and 2 slices of American cheese melted over the whole deal. But not very melted. And I think that is where my issue began. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area- I have been told that this is why I do not like American Cheese. Cory is from Iowa and he sees no problem with it. In fact it is better for some things according to him. I am not a fan, nor do I think I was raised to properly appreciate this form of cheese- so usually I just feel annoyed if it shows up on something. I think menus should have to say it is that kind of cheese. But again, this is quite possibly a totally strange perspective. In any case, what I don't like about it is that it is rubbery and by the time it got to me, was not hot and therefore rubbery. Boom. The dog itself was fine, good, moist. But I think this sandwich as a whole is just too dry. Needs some sort of special sauce on it or something. Less dry bun. I think I could recreate this beautifully at home though. Don't get me wrong- I ate it. But I think it was missing a little LOVE. I also drank most of that milkshake, of course. It was good- in my opinion, if you jam ice cream, chocolate and coffee together, you're probably gonna do alright.

As far as the place went, I liked the setting. You feel like you are in a soda shoppe or something. You can play video games if you come with someone like Cory and you are totally bored of listening to him talk about how you are going to probably try to eat his fries. Our orders were correct, but the waitress didn't seem very excited about helping us decide what to order- seemed more fond of the regulars who were coming through, but our spirits aren't crushed that easily. I don't mind a little 'tude as long as I get a seat and my food (you can make that a little rap. try it. it's gonna be a huge hit.).

Oh, look at me...I'm Alissa & I'm from Northern California. It's so fancy up there. I'm too good for American Cheese. In fact, I don't even LIKE America. I love cotton candy, disco, and the Taliban.
Well, listen sister - a fat animated man once spoke these words: "NO ONE MAKES CHEESE LIKE THE AMERICANS!" And he was right. NO.ONE.
Unfortunately, however, you are also right in this instance. That cheese was rubbery & funky. And it wasn't much better on my dog than it was on yours.

I opted for the namesake Show Dog & ordered it ripped, like me. It was topped w/ grilled spinach, bacon, and "swiss" cheese (american-made, presumably). It was pretty good, but woulda been infinitely better had they used actual swiss cheese & melted it instead of just kind of laying it limply across the top of the dog, hoping the heat from the spinach & bacon would melt it (it didn't). I also ordered steak fries; and yes I did assume Alissa would seize some for herself, but she pretty much steered clear of them for once. I'm assuming that's because her frydar indicated that they were a bit overcooked & yet still cold. Regardless, I slathered them with salt & ketchup & had my way with them. I washed it all down w/ a coke, which had just the kind of ice I like - small & crumbly.

Good bites? Or just totally bites?
A: If you want a dog and a soda, this is a good bet/bite. I probably won't go back because I totally don't care about hot dogs!

C: Uhh...I suppose I can call this a good bite. It didn't overwhelm me with awesomeness; but, like the lady said, it's good for a dog & a soda. I might opt for something cheeseless next time though...

4300 West Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 846-1511

**Our reports are based on one visit/meal- so we're far from experts on these joints! If you have advice or experiences you'd like to share, please feel free to enlighten us & our readers! Our goal is to give enough info that someone might feel okay trying somewhere new (or know to avoid it!). Thanks for reading :)

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  1. The food here look amazing, I cannot wait to get there and try it, you guys are a wonderful resource, Thanks